Sunday, January 31, 2010

just getting started

So here I am! I've been saying that I'm going to start this blog for a couple of years, and here I am. I've been thinking that the random thoughts that pass so quickly through my mind might be of interest to others, and then I thought...well, probably not. But I believe, probably as most people do, that everyone has something to say. So here I am....just getting started.

What prompted this blog (or the idea of many blogs) have been mostly life experiences. Well of course - isn't that the premise of every blog? I suppose. But I have to admit, that I've had a harder time trying to narrow down exactly which topic I felt worthy enough to blog about. So in keeping with the context of this title, I thought I would journal my way through my quest to guide my family toward healthier eating. Perhaps a subject to boring for your taste (pun intended) but for purposes of my own, I'm beginning here; because we are just getting started!

I hope you'll visit occasionally and I hope that in some way my simple musings may be of benefit to you.


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