Wednesday, March 17, 2010

onward and upward...

I knew from the beginning that our food plan transition was not always going to be easy. I'm ok with that. I like new challenges and I love learning. I feel the growth occuring as I research and test ideas and concepts that I've not entertained before. But like so many things in my life....this new method of cooking and eating and living really, is not widely accepted among friends and family. That's ok too. I've never been one to really be concerned what others think about me in that regard. I believe what I am doing is good for my family and will honor my God.

This journey to live healthier is not just about eating. Although my journalling seems to be mostly that, it's so much more. It's about becoming purer and healthier in every regard of being. I'm not going all zen - and I'm certainly not a radicalist (word?) but I believe change can be good - as long as it is good for you. I've really been enjoying the recipes I've tried and the ideas that I'm developing as I go. It seems my eyes are open now to so many new possibilities in the realm of cooking for my so much wider. I see things that I've never seen before. Be it items at the store, concepts in cooking or foods that can help your body heal itself. I've been so excited about transforming our occasional medicinal needs from over the counter or even prescription remedies to trying and using natural or homeopathic remedies. I truly believe that God created everything that we need within our earth. There are people far smarter and far more versed in this area than myself that have researched and tested and tried natural remedies. I belive that it is a perfect compliment to healthier cooking, to use healthier medicine when in need.

We are still battling with Jeremy's eczema. I can't believe the amount of remedies I have collected from the doctors! While they may work for a time, the eczema continues to return and be a real problem for everyone. This week we are trying Grapeseed Extract. It's working! It doesn't burn him when he applies it and the rashes are breaking up and clearing. He is more open to using this form of treatment than any other we have tried. Cleansing his system from the inside out is another treatment we will have to approach, however, I've not found one yet that I think he will accept. Oral vitamin E and eating almonds and other emolient rich foods are slowly being introduced to his diet. Overall, he is being a good sport.

These changes are all going to take time - but I am optimistic. I believe we can increase our level of health, encounter better sleep, enjoy more energy and maintain a suitable weight by taking the time to use foods and supplements that were designed to help us do so. I'm hoping that in time we won't need OTC pain killers for headaches or body aches and that we will see tangible results in the near future.


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