Thursday, February 25, 2010

keep it fresh!

It's not easy to come up with fresh ideas day after day, meal after meal. There are great websites available to get ideas from. Not all of them use the ingredients that I am trying to impletement into our new food plan, but with a little creativity and a lot of patience, it's possible to mock a recipe and make it your own. The times when I've done this are usually the dishes that my family goes crazy over. Sometimes all I need is a fresh idea, or a seed planted and I can run with it. One of my favorite sites is:

When it comes to food, fresh is definitely best! We enjoy fresh fruits and veggies regularly. I had heard many years ago from someone who worked at a vegetable packing plant, "don't buy canned don't even want to know...". I never forgot that, but honestly, haven't always bought into it. My feelings on this were renewed recently by an article in Eat This Not That...canned foods have been linked to cancer and heart disease. While it may still be controversial as to whether or not the foods inside the can are still good for you (preservatives, high tempurature cooking, etc) it has been reported that man made products in the can linings contain chemicals that can eventually adversely affect our health. Eating fresh food seems to be an easy alternative to me. always tastes better!


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  1. I had never heard that about canned veggies. Thank you! Sometimes the convenience really isn't worth it, I guess.