Tuesday, February 2, 2010

not bad for a monday...

Despite my usual Monday blunders (regardless how much I think I've prepared for the day) we had a pretty good day - foodwise. The kids had fruit for breakfast, they didn't want anything else, which is enlightening to me. The increased fiber is supposed to help suppress your appetite...in a good way! You feel fuller and your body is digesting the good foods not the bad. How great is that?

Anyway...the boys both brought packed lunches to school. Jacob loves to pack his lunch, but Jeremy has been eating from the school cafeteria - hmmmm? Another possible link? They ate peanut butter and low sugar jelly on whole grain bread (Pepperidge Farms - yummy!), almonds and fresh strawberries (no...not Jeremy, not yet). Jeremy LOVED the almonds though - huge success!

Dinner was fun. I made BLTS on the whole grain bread with red lettuce. Jeremy wasn't happy, but he ate it. Jacob ate his and half of another...no surprise there! Greg and I also enjoyed a red lettuce/spinach salad with all of the veggies I could pack in.

I kept thinking "yay...a good food day" smiling inside and out. All was not grand though. Jeremy was still itching like crazy come bed time and the cream for his eczema caused him a lot of pain. Enough. The food journey is going to take a while and this rash is making his life miserable. Took him to the ER Tuesday morning. More on that later....


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