Friday, February 5, 2010

the way i see it

As I figured from the start - this is going to be easier said than done. But surprisingly, it's not the resistance that is going to be the hardest part. I know it's only been a week, but the family is quite cooperative and supportive at this point. The problem is going to be finding the food that works on this plan and will fit into the types of meals we enjoy and I want to prepare. It will be an adjustment in many ways.

It's also going to be difficult to determine which foods are actually WHAT they say they are. Remembering that at the center of this whole endeavor is to eat fresher, less chemically altered foods, it's going to take effort to determine which ingredients are acceptable and which are not. I don't see this as a fanatical type effort, completely wiping out anything except fresh and homegrown (unless I start a farm, lol), but there are certain things that I would really like to eliminate. Trying to cut down on wheat and bleached white flour products is another effort that will take time. The key here as I see it, is commitment. It's not going to happen over night as I research and shop to find the suitable alternatives to these products we use.

Last night I made French Onion Soup. Being that a crusty bread is one of the key ingredients to the meal, I looked for a whole grain alternative. Rushing to get the shopping done, I caved and bought French Bread. A revelation today; Ezekial Bread! There are many varieties of this whole grain bread - I'm going to pick some up this weekend. We've used it before, it's great toasted with pesto!

Today was a flop. Started out good with fruit and oatmeal bread toast for breakfast. Packed everyone's lunches with the good stuff. Well, those didn't work out for a couple of reasons. We have 3 extra kids tonight, so pizza was the dinner of choice. In the future, I hope to be able to have the ingredients on hand for a Friday night pizza party that is wholesome and fresh.


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