Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's been said over and over again that eating smaller, more frequent meals during the day is better for your metabolism and over all health. The more I research the more I am convinced that this is the better way to eat, as opposed to 3 standard meals. I've tried over the last few years to adopt this method for myself, but it's not so easy with the rest of the family. Taking control of the "all day" eating plan takes effort. The boys are at school all day and Greg is working. Packing fruits and veggies hasn't always been popular, it's easier and more fun to have chips and cookies - and let's face it...cheaper. But I'm determined to find things everyone likes that we can graze on all day that are nutritious and filling. So far so good! I'm trying to make it fun for the kids calling the tidbits in their lunchboxes "snacks", rather than lunch. Funny how the idea of eating "snacks" for lunch makes it more exciting.

Good snacks we've found to replace our traditional favorites; organic butter flavored popcorn; found it at the healthfood store, has been a big hit! All natural tortilla chips and organic salsa was really good too, didn't last two days. We also replaced our regular cheese sticks with the all natural or organic mozzarella, you can't tell the difference. Almonds, carrots and organic dip (yum!), strawberries, apple slices and bananas are regulars. My personal favorite is raw sweet potato with a creamy organic dip. I'll eat a whole one at one sitting!!

Last night I made chili for Greg and me and ground meat over mashed red potatoes for the boys, all topped with a little all natural shredded cheese. The best part was, I used venison (thanks LC). It was really good. The boys didn't know (yeah...I play like that) until after they had eaten it all. Success!

The boys are really getting into the idea of eating better. They help me shop and pick out the more healthy foods. This makes mommy very happy!


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