Wednesday, April 28, 2010

back to basics?

I'm somewhat old fashioned, I guess. I had quite a bit of influence as a kid from my grandparents and great grandmother. So many of my memories include the time that we lived upstairs from my great grandmother (Granny) and my great aunt. It was nothing for me to slip downstairs to go visit Granny and sneak a piece of candy from the old candy dish and sit at the big dining room table and just soak up the time with her. A very sweet time in my life.

From the time that my great grandmother was a young mom to present, the way we handle health and nutrition has changed dramatically. The simpler foods and remedies are just as good today as they were back when my great grandmother used them. Technological advances in farming, cooking and medicine, in my opinion, at times, complicate those simpler, yet still very effective methods. I often wonder if we just aren't competing to have the same product, re-packaged in an effort to fill our pockets with money. Hmmmmm......Solomon said it best "....for there is nothing new under the sun...". I think there are times when newer technologies are definitely a blessing - I love my computer....but there is something to be said for the written prose. I enjoy a night off from cooking now and then, but there is no food like home cooked. Even my young boys prefer what Mom makes over eating out. That makes me very happy because I know what's going into their tummies! If I can treat a headache with some herbs or dietary changes as opposed to constantly reaching for the synthetic analgesic...I know what I'm going to do. I don't really know what's in ibuprofen. But I know what's in the herbs I get at the health food store and I know that God created them.

I really appreciate the efforts being made to get back to the simpler ways of life whether it's bringing our own reusable bags to the market, taking my own coffee cup to the coffee shop, or growing veggies in my own garden. I've recently learned that one of the town's in the next county over, offers citizens a plot of ground in a rural area of town for a very small fee. The ground is to be worked for gardening - the city provides seeds and compost for each plot. All you have to do is work it. What a great idea! Talk about back to basics.

There are many basic health remedies that I have implemented into my personal and my family's daily routine. In addition to the many vitamins and supplements we use - I've recently discovered Oil of Oregano - a wonderfully, and powerfully potent oil that is used as an antibacterial, antifungal, pain reliever, colon cleanser, and so much more. I've started using it daily on my toothbrush, a drop under the tongue followed by a glass of water. I've also discovered Tea Tree Oil. This is a great smelling oil that can be used to treat pimples and acne. I put a little under my nose before bed and it helps me relax. It's also great to put a couple drops on the dogs - keeps away fleas and ticks. In addition to the collection of natural remedies and vitamins and supplements I've started using...I've also started getting back to basics around the house. I put baking soda in my laundry, and do my deep cleaning with white vinegar, great cleaner and doesn't leave a residue or long lasting smell. Olive oil and lemon juice makes a great furniture polish.

There are many ways we can get back to the simpler, less complicated, stressful things in life. A little effort, time and desire will go a long way. I really enjoy researching home remedies and always get excited when I realize "hey...I think I knew that" or "great! I have those items already". I believe that by getting back to the simpler things in life, taking the time to prepare our own healthy foods, taking those after dinner walks and using natural, safe remedies when needed, we can be happier and healthier.


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