Monday, April 5, 2010

mom didn't know

As I consider all of the changes that I am trying to implement into my own personal food plan as well as that of my families - I often ponder on this thought "....if we'd never been introduced to this kind of food in the first place, we wouldn't be struggling to do away with it." I guess that's sort of a true statement.

For my generation, our parents were probably just on the upward climb on the journey of convenience foods. Some fast food places and pre-packaged foods started popping up as early as 1930 (Bird's Eye Frosted Foods for one), but weren't readily available until the the 1940's. The upward swing of the woman's movement, taking mom's out of the home full time and creating a new dilemma for the American Family - lack of time! Rushed schedules, demanding careers and men and now women fighting to make a name for themselves brought on a need for expediting the family meal. Along with a whole host of other issues - we've convenienced ourselves right into obesity, diabetes, neurological disorders, cancers, depression and so much more. The number of elementary school aged children with serious health problems due to poor nutrition is sad and scary. I'm not talking about "lack of nutrition". We don't lack anything really in the US do we? By and large, no. We have more than we need and we throw out more than some people eat in a week. Our over indulgence and lack of dietary concerns are killing us and our children.

But Mom didn't know! Fast foods and pre processed meals weren't as heavily scrutinized then as they are now. Probably because the results of that style of eating on a regular basis hadn't show itself to be a problem. But we know now that it is. I'm not condeming anyone or myself for taking advantage of the convenience on occasion, but when it becomes a way of life, you are taking some serious risks. Especially if you don't exercise, take vitamins or get enough sleep.

The sad thing is - my mom, like many others, didn't know, so we became so accustomed the foods quickly available, making home life and family meals quicker and more inconsequential to our daily routines. I believe a total paradigm shift is necessary - at least for my family...and it's been what we've been working toward for many years.

I heard a tip on a nutritional show some time back - "if your grandmother doesn't know what it is, or if your kindergartener can't pronounce it....then don't eat it". A clever way to remember that simple, fresh foods are best and yes - it's going to take time. But time well spent!

I've been enjoying my mediations and research and trials and errors with our new food plan. This week I am adding a new exercise program to my day....more regular and with a goal. I've exercised regularly for the past 3 years, however this last year has not been the most productive. Time to get serious. I plan to blog my progress to see the results!!


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