Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a change of pace

Back on my feet - literally! I am so thankful to be feeling 100% better! I never thought that I would be a total believer in chiropractic care, but I am...I truly am. I love the whole natural approach and the "hands on" concept. So different from a general practicioner. When was the last time a GP actually "touched" a patient? Hasn't happened to me for years. And I don't want to be prescribed medicine if there is another way. I want to fix what is wrong, not just treat the symptoms. I believe that the body is capable (in most cases) of healing itself. Spinal manipulation is just one process that allows your body to do just that. I'm learning so much from my chiropractor - and what he's teaching me and showing me falls nicely in line with the natural, homeopathic or holisitic approach to health and well-being I am working to merge into my family's everyday routine.

So this week, Jeremy's rash was out of control again. Just awful. While at the chiropractor, he suggested that I have Jeremy tested...actually scanned. I don't know what it's called, but I've heard very intriguing things about this scan. They are going to scan his hand to determine what is going on inside of Jeremy's body. We should be able to find out what allergies or disorders he may be dealing with. In the meantime, I began treating him with A&D ointment. Yup! Diaper rash ointment. And it's really helping. I've also been giving him 2 drops of Oil of Oregano each day in his juice. Nope...he doesn't like it. But he is cooperating. I know over time this will reap wonderful benefits. I was so excited to learn of all of the healing and preventative health benefits this "miracle oil" has to offer. Some suggested and personally tried uses:

  • put 1 drop on your toothpaste - it kills plaque building bacteria - gives you REALLY fresh breath too!
  • one or two drops under the tongue. Helps ease pain and inflammation (which also helps Jeremy's eczema) and helps purge your body of nasty bacteria
  • 1 drop daily on warts - we are trying this one now on a Planter's Wart
  • a couple of drops mixed with some extra virgin olive oil or massage oil - great for body rubs and helps ease the pain and inflammation in the muscles

I've really been enjoying researching and trying these new natural remedies for my family and myself. I feel good knowing that we are being more proactive, not just in our diet, but in our general health and well being. I ordered some African Black Soap. This soap was highly recommended to treat acne and eczema. The all natural, herbal composition has wonderfully cleansing and moisturizing properties. Stay tuned....


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