Tuesday, April 6, 2010

one, two, three...go!

And so it goes....I've partnered with one of my girlfriends for accountability sake in this quest for a more regular exercise routine. Something I always ask myself and my friends when considering taking something on of any sort (diet, exercise, new career, whatever) is what is your motive? What is driving you and will drive you to continue with ______? How do you see yourself moving forward with this when_______?

I've talked before about my motivation to migrate my families' eating habits into a more natural, fresh is best, and less is just as good as more, mentality. The motivation there? Good health, less chemically enhanced foods and the determination to rid my son of a life of allergies and skin rashes.

Last night I exercised with a different motive than usual. And that's why I hope it works. I've been fighting 5 or 7 lbs that I don't want. Mostly because they all sit right in the same place!! I don't like it when my clothes reveal certain "bulges" that need not be there. To me, it's just proof of bad eating and not enough exercise. I want to maintain my health and appearance as long as possible - to make my husband happy, to please my God and to live a long time to see my children and my children's children grow up! Several motivations perhaps, tied up into one phrase I guess: "I can do better than this..." and so it goes.

I'm like everyone else and my time is limited - but I've done it before and I can do it again. You spend your time on what's important to you. Good health has to be a priority!

The pilates ball is a lot of fun, but more of a challenge than I anticipated. I liked working out with the bands, but don't feel like I'm getting as much of a work out as when I used the bowflex for sure. I walked the lake today - great day for a walk. This is probably going to be the toughest part of my routine as I will get busy with my daily to-do list and totally blow it off. Cardio is a must, especially at my age. I'm cutting calories, which is the easiest part of this process for me. I've done well for 2 days walking past the kids' candy dish and not stopping to sneak a few. Yay me!

Breakfast today was iced coffee (homemade of course!) and a handful of dry roasted almonds. My next snack was fresh squeezed orange juice and half of a raw sweet potato with cottage cheese. The day is full of possibilities and options. Praying that I make the right choices!


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